M. S. Chauhan

M. S. Chauhan 11 edition has been totally revised, however it remains devoted to the principles that have established it as a favorite among lecturers and students across the globe. This book provides a epigrammatic and relevant treatment of chemistry and is written with such clarity that it’s beyond question among the best to scan among its competitors. It contains such illustrations and diagrams that produces it attractiveness terribly fascinating to its readers. although the quantity of numerical could be a very little less, however that doesn’t stop it from being the most effective scan to understand the fundamentals and at the same time develop a style in chemistry.

M S Chauhan tried to form theoretical section abundant easier that even a Below average student may perceiveeach idea explained within the book by himself. Cengage fashionable approach to chemical calculations chemistry book is one amongst the simplest chemical science books for IIT JEE communication preparation.This book excellently covers all sorts of numerical issues that ar liked to be asked into chemical science. it’s an outsized varietyof queries.

Book Name: Organic Chemistry

Language : English

Format : PDF

Quality: Excellent

To Download the free ebook,click on the link given below:-

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JEE MAINS and ADVANCED exclusive questions and solutions
Previous year questions are also available
For NEET-UG aspirants
Proper explaination is given.
Each and every concept is explained with the help of examples.
Proper solutions are given.
Problems have been solved in terms of different units including SI units.





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